Chloe Temtchine

Chloe Temtchine and I met through Brendan Okrent who is the Creative Director at ASCAP. Brendan is one of my most favorite people in this industry because she’s just pure awesomeness. Anyways, Brendan hooked up a co-write between me and Chloe. I had total faith that it would turn out successful because every time Brendan paired me with someone, I had a blast and it always worked out.

Well, it worked.

We wrote “So Systematic” in a sketchy Hollywood motel she was staying at, and following that song, we wrote another one called “Write Me a Letter Soon”. She was only staying in Los Angeles for a short time, so we had to hurry up to record these songs before she went back to New York. We managed to write and record both songs, which I love.

Here’s a live version of  “So Systematic”

She’s an amazing artist and an amazing songwriter! Support her!


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