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    Hello to all choizles! I’m Vera and no, Pootee is not my surname, nor my middle name. It’s just a nickname that sounds similar to my middle name ‘Putri’ to those who can’t pronounce ‘r’ properly. Haha, okay enough of the crap. So yeah, I’m Indonesian, however I grew up in Singapore, and am now studying in Melbourne!

    It’s been a great and pleasant experience each time I go for David Choi’s concert. And I am amazed at how his music can make me feel so calm, and carefree. I look up to David Choi cos he treats his fans as friends and regardless of his high status, he’s still such a down-to-earth and humble person! Thanks for creating awesome music for all of us David! We look forward to see you again in the near future, and hear more of your music <3

    PS. I do hope you still remember me though I went missing in action for the past months..


    David Choi

    welcome to the forums Vera! Hope to see you around! :)



    I hope to see you around too! I should have entered a University in US. That way, the chances of us bumping onto each other are higher. Anyway, YOU HAVE A REALLY COOL WEBSITE :D I love your forum!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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