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    hey guys (:

    My name is Brandon, I have been a fan of David Choi for quite a while now, purchased all his albums on iTunes I never get tired of listening to them! By my side & Only you albums are my favourite, i’m not sure, I don’t really like the Forever and ever album that much, but I buy it anyway because I like to show my support and help you out! (:
    It would mean the world if David saw this! a little bit about me. I like David Choi a lot, listen too him all the time! in my spare time I  mainly study, Facebook and sometimes play COD haha (:
    Really nice website by the way! looks amazing!
    (In fact I found you by watching ‘unfold’ by JinnyboyTV)

    Thanks for reading this man! hope we can become great friends.

    -Brandon (:

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