Questions, Answers, & Music Gear!


So here are the most common questions I get asked almost every day. Take note!


Q: How long have you been playing guitar?

A: I have been playing guitar since I was 16. I learned chords from friends and I also figured them out using my ear. I took one guitar lesson in my life from Ken Song (amazing jazz guitarist! He can play anything!). I learn best by ear.


Q: Can you do a cover of _______ in your next video?

A: Honestly, I choose songs based on whether I like them or feel like it’s a challenge. Sometimes, I choose certain songs because I like to do a variety and mix it up. I know people don’t like some of the songs I cover, but truthfully, I don’t really care. Music is objective and everyone has their own taste. I do check up occasionally on requests made through my forums. You can request here. I like to have fun too! :)


Q: What do you use to make your videos?

A: I use iMovie most of the time. Sometimes, I use my FlipHD. How I achieve good sound is through my equipment which I list below. Sometimes, I just use my built-in MacBook Pro mic. It all depends on how I feel at the moment.


Q: What kind of equipment do you use for recording?

A: Here is a list of some stuff I use –

Apogee AD-16x

Apogee DA-16x

API 3124+

Edirol Audio Interface (Not in use)

Digi002 (Not in use)

I use Pro Tools HD2 (Not Shown)


Dynaudio BM5a’s (Left)

Yamaha NS-10’s Studio (Right)


Atus Computer Speakers

Mackie Big Knob


Furman PL-8 Series II Power Supply

Universal Audio 1176LN


Focusrite Producer Pack


Neumann M149

Blue Ball

Royer R-121

Shure SM94

Neumann KM184


REMEMBER, it’s not what you have, but HOW you use what you already have. Expensive gear is just icing on the cake. NOT the cake itself. As they say, you can’t polish a terd.

Now I’m sure you guys are getting thoughts about how I got all this expensive equipment. To sum up a long story, I worked hard, and also got a little lucky. That’s what this business requires, or any business for that matter. We’ll save the business talk for some other time!


Q: (Or statement) – Hey, let’s make a YouTube video!

A: As far as YouTube is concerned, I’ll ask you if I want to make a video with you. If you mean songwriting, I only write with referrals from friends or people I trust. I’ve written songs with too many people who I did not like writing with, so I’ve made this rule for myself to keep me from becoming a mess of stress! Hope you understand!


Q: Why do you always look mad/sad?

A: I look that way because I was born that way.

Mom’s face + Dad’s face = David Choi’s face = mad/sad face.


Q: Why don’t you smile?

A: Tell me a joke and I’ll have a reason to smile!


Hope these questions clear some things up for you all!

Have a great day :)



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