I Can Get Used to This Music Video

If you haven’t seen it already, there is now a Music Video for my song I Can Get Used to This. It was shot and edited by Jude Weng and her assistant Colin from Brand New Entertainment. If you didn’t notice, I added some iMovie effects of my own haha!

Jude is one of the most awesome, talented, and generous people I know in the entertainment industry. I actually learned quite a lot from her and I have a lot of respect for the woman (She was a show-runner for the hit show “Survivor”). She donated her time and energy to help me create this awesome video which took us approximately half a day to shoot. We went all over town including, Westwood (where UCLA is), her home, and we even shot in the middle of some busy street (I don’t remember where). It was weird for me to have a guitar there and lip-sync as people were walking by!

We had to be sneaky because if any cops saw that we were shooting video, they’d stop us because supposedly, you need a license of some sort when shooting in public places. There is also a scene in the video where I’m riding my bike, and I bet you’re wondering how we got that shot? You’re NOT wondering?!?! Well I’m going to tell you anyways! If you watch 3:39 in the video, you’ll see how we got the shot! :)

Check it out!

Thanks again to Jude and Colin!


I’ve provided links below if you’d like to purchase I Can Get Used to This & support yours truly,





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