Korea Shows!

I can NOT wait until I come back to Korea to see everyone again!!! The Korean food here in America is good, but the Korean food in Korea is the BEST!!!!!

Here is more info about my shows in Korea http://cafe.naver.com/davidchoionlyyou

May 14th
5:20am: Arrive Incheon Airport
5:00pm: Interview with Korea Times Newspaper

May 15th
5:00pm: Rehearsal

May 16th
7:00pm: Rehearsal

May 17th
11:00am: Check-in
1:00pm: EBS TV Show

May 18th
1:00pm: MBC Radio Show

May 19th
By My Side CD Release in America!!!

May 20th
2:00pm: Rehearsal
8:00pm: Show at Welcomm Theater

May 21st
2:00pm: Rehearsal
6:00pm: Show at Welcomm Theater

May 22nd
2:00pm: Rehearsal
6:00pm: Show at Welcomm Theater

May 23rd
1:00pm: Seoul City Hall Rehearsal
6:00pm: Seoul City Hall Event

May 24th
12:00pm: Check-Out of Hotel
4:30pm: Depart Incheon

Keep checking back here and I’ll update this page with everything I’m going to be doing while in Korea!

Dae, Han Min Gook!!!! *clap clap* *clap clap clap* WORLD CUP WOO HOO!!!!!!!


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