Michael Jackson – King of Pop

June 25, 2009.

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop has passed away. I started listening to him in late high school, maybe even after high school. I have a lot of great memories listening to his music. I didn’t realize how much of an effect he had on my life until he was gone. I remember days when I’d listen to his music in my car and sing my heart out. The Jackson 5 stuff always put me in a positive mood! It’s amazing how music can change the course of how your day will turn out. I even wanted to see him perform live one day, but that dream can no longer come true. There is a LOT running through my mind about the whole situation and I’m trying hard to think about the positive things. I can’t help but also think about the negativity that surrounded his life.

The media was cruel to Michael. Having experienced what little fame I have, I can’t even start to imagine how hard it must have been for him. To have to listen to and read rumors that aren’t true. To have people follow your every move. It must have been a pain to always have to defend your every action. Sure, we all make mistakes in life, but if you’re Michael, one mistake, and the world is there to judge in an instant. Especially now with the Internet, word travels extremely fast.

We are so brainwashed and accepting from the media! When TMZ reported that Michael Jackson died, I refused to believe that because I needed the information from more sources. I didn’t let my mind believe JUST because they said something. Some people are quick to believe EVERYTHING put out by ANY source. Especially a stupid company like TMZ. You HAVE to be an immoral person to work for that company. There’s no way you could feel great about your job. It’s pitiful. OK, I admit that I have gone to their websites on a couple occasions and done some “immediate” judging of the people in the video, but I caught myself and asked “what am I doing”? I tell people not to be judgmental, yet here I go about doing the very act I despise and preach against.

Yes, I’m a hypocrite, but we all are. The thing that sets you apart is that you’re a person who tries not to be as opposed to a person that doesn’t care. We should all try to achieve more in ourselves and become better people in all aspects of life.

Going back to Michael. I believe that the constant harassing of the media contributed to Michael’s bad health. How can it not? Sometimes (rarely), I can read a comment on one of my videos that can put me in a bad mood for an entire day. (I’m getting better about it though). Michael got that times a thousand since he was a KID. I feel bad that he left the world this way. It’s not fair.

I guess we can say that Michael can finally rest in peace. Here’s a video of basically what I said here.

Michael Jackson will be missed Forever.

You are the King of Pop

RIP 1958-2009

PS. These 3 clips show the real Michael Jackson –




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