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So I was working on my Facebook Event Pages for my Northeastern Tour coming up in February. It took me a few hours to get them all up to date and ready to publish. When I finished, I decided to check my Facebook profile as I habitually do, and I found Annie Nishida’s comment:

Annie Nishida Comment

Wow, cool. I decided to check it out for myself

Nick Jonas Page


Now I know some people like to make fun of Nick Jonas or have negative things to say about him or the group. But I think a lot of people also have great things to say about him. I actually like his voice. It kind of reminds me of the group Hanson and yes, I liked their music. What can I say, I dig well written pop songs. I think Nick is a pretty good musician, singer, and most of all, a great humanitarian. For those of you who don’t know, Nick has diabetes. I once saw a speech he did (on YouTube) and was impressed with how well spoken he was. I can respect someone who stands up for what they believe in, supports a cause, and takes action.

In the modern age of sex, partying, and materialism, the Jonas Brothers stand as great role models. Yeah, for reals. I don’t see them becoming crack addicts anytime soon. They are well grounded.

So thank you Jonas Brothers for showing the world what kids should grow up to be.


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