When You’re Single

      When You're Single

"When You're Single"

That’s how it is when you’re single
And you’re like me, ain’t that the best
That’s how it is when you’re single
Yeah I should mingle, just like the rest (2x)

Yeah I’m single, it’s been that way for a while
I know people playing around
But that’s not really my style

I go to bed around 4-5 in the am
But I don’t have the liver to be partying like them

Honestly speaking I’m just a quiet guy
Maybe that’s why I’m alone most nights

I say I don’t mind, as I take a sip of wine
Yeah I’ll tell myself that as I dream of a wife


Back to my routine, I wake up in the afternoon
Cuz I don’t have that special girl to wake up to

No motivation, drive, or pursuit
Where are all the girls who are plain and cute?

I’m not depressed because I got no girl
I can call up my friends and take over the world

But at night when we all go back to our homes
We all end up the same in our rooms alone


Everything’s a little colder, colder
Feels empty on my shoulder, shoulders
I need a little something more, some fire, some fire


I gotta find myself a girl, find myself a girl
I gotta find myself a girl, find myself a nice girl


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