Spider (Poem)


I saw a little spider
Who built its home inside the sink
Not the best place to settle down
But it thought the place was neat

I nonchalantly felt disgusted
As I turned on Niagara Falls
The water pounded its estate
And it was on full-fledged alarm

It scrambled to its safety
As I watched it from up high
The helpless little spider
I let out a solemn sigh

As I drowned the little spider
And flushed it down the sink
I put myself in its feet
As I began to think

I thought about the spider
How far it came from egg
Its history, its journey
It’s tired and weary legs

To have ended its life so quickly
With ease that I must say
To say I was cruel is strange
And to say I’m not is the same

I killed this little spider
Its life and death in my control
This time I felt a sadness
One I’ve never felt before

Goodbye spider.


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