Hey, I’m finally back from my Northeastern Tour!

I wanted to let you all know that I really really appreciate you all for coming out to support me. It was a tough and cold tour but I wanted to thank you all for making this happen. Obviously, without the support of many of you, I would not be doing this, nor would I have a desire to continue the path of an artist. Thank You!

My tour consisted of DC (Sold Out), New York (Sold out), Philly (Sold Out), Boston, Toronto, and Chicago (Sold Out).

Total Attendance = over 1,000 supporters

DC I learned that 80% of the people who live there work for the government. Be scared. Haha, kidding, but that was very interesting. I had a great time flying airplanes, going inside the Pentagon, and trying Five Guys for the first time. Special thanks to Jonathan Kim and Jessica Kim. Here’s a video:

New York – I finally tried Chicken and Rice on 6th Street. It was pretty darn good and filling. I want to eat it again! The Highline Ballroom was the largest show of the tour and I was overwhelmed by the support you guys showed me. This tour was a very humbling experience for me! Special thanks to Ken Salez for letting us stay at his house! Also, thanks to Chloe! Here’s a video:

Philly – What can I say, Philly Cheesesteaks in Philly are amazing. In fact, I had Cheesesteaks for lunch AND dinner. Didn’t stay here a long time, but I enjoyed the time I spent there! Special thanks to Elizabeth and Megan for showing us around! Here’s a video:

Boston – We took the Bolt Bus to Boston. Greatest bus ride of my life thanks to the FREE Wi-fi. I recommend the Bolt Bus to EVERYONE. Couldn’t stay here long but I liked how it was clean haha. Special thanks to Brian Chan for helping us navigate through the city. Here’s a video:

Toronto – Did a ton of stuff in T-Dot that I had to make 2 videos showing my experiences! Thanks to Phil Chao, Vobot, and Fiona, we had a great time while being there. Poutine was pretty crazy! The CN Tower was even more crazier with the glass floors. I thought I would wet my pants (good thing I didn’t). Check out the 2 part video here:

Chicago – The last stop. I’m glad the sun followed me where ever I went and it followed me til the end. Giordano’s Pizza was great! Chicago was a nice resting spot for me and I had a great time with Allan Gaston, Marilu, and Elmer. Thanks ya’ll! Here’s the final video:

And finally, my Thank You video with the “Who’s Loudest Contest” Who do you think won? Let me know below :)


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