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About David Choi

David Choi is an independent singer, songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur from Orange County, CA. David has released 5 studio albums and has performed worldwide in front of tens of thousands of fans with his heartfelt and timeless music, often infused with jazz, pop, and folk elements.


David began his music career as a staff songwriter for Warner Chappell Music, and soon became one of the early pioneers of YouTube having joined the platform in 2006. He amassed close to a million subscribers and founded independent record company CHOIS MUSIC, INC. which has garnered over 125MM streams + video views. David has collaborated with artists such as Kina Grannis, Macy Gray, Maudy Ayunda, Nataly Dawn, and YouTube powerhouse Ryan Higa. 


In the recent years, David produced and co-wrote for the K-Pop Parody group BgA, which hit #1 on the charts worldwide and also had songs placed in CW’s "Kung Fu" Series and a Netflix Original called "Finding Ohana”.


As an entrepreneur and builder, he has worked with brands such as Disney, Kelloggs, American Cancer Society, GE, Google, Samsung, Toyota, and more. He is also the co-founder and CEO of a venture backed company called Content Creators, Inc. which builds platforms and tools to help creators generate more revenue.

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